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Our Projects

Each of our 7 projects operate as a small company. The team consists of an executive manager, project manager(s), 3-5 associates, an operations team member, and a media team liaison. Feel free to explore our project pages.  


Jila! aims to reduce language barriers for local Q’anjob’al-speaking immigrants by providing resources for skills crucial for daily life.


Echo Me

Echo Me aims to help prevent the development of speech disorders in young children through the use of guided play.


 We are making a substantial impact on ink waste by pioneering ink based products and increasing community awareness on the environmental impact of improper ink disposal

Screen Printing Squeegee
DGM01034 (2).jpg


Monarch strives to reduce paper consumption by creating a 100% post-consumer paper product business while teaching individuals in the community about sustainability.


 Her World! targets the gender gap in STEM fields, aiming to empower young girls and address societal norms that discourage their participation, with the urgency lying in the persistent underrepresentation of women, hindering progress towards gender equality and depriving industries of diverse talent.

Chip Probing


Framed's goal is to reduce the amount of wood waste sent to landfills by repurposing the wood into unique, customizable products


Sprout is an initiative to address the stigma against the agriculture industry and the need for agricultural literacy by introducing local youth to the many career opportunities within agriculture and helping open local businesses and farms to a wider job applicant pool. 

School Garden
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