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Our Projects

Each of our 7 projects operate as a small company. The team consists of an executive manager, project manager(s), 3-5 associates, an operations team member, and a media team liaison. Feel free to explore our project pages. (10).gif


CreAlgae is a technical project that aims to reduce plastic waste in the Champaign-Urbana community by creating a petroleum-free algae-based bioplastic using harmful algal blooms from local waterways.


Hydrologic aims to reduce water consumption on campus and beyond through the design and implementation of eco-efficient water meters connected with a consumer-interactive.

DGM06353 (1).jpg
DGM01034 (2).jpg


Monarch strives to reduce paper consumption by creating a 100% post-consumer paper product business while teaching individuals in the community about sustainability.


Phoenix is the intersection between sustainability and fashion; the project creates customized tote bags, lead upcycling workshops, and host thrifting events for the community.



Apex is closing the CPR gender gap by creating CPR vests for mannikins that model the female anatomy.


Framed’s goal is to reduce the amount of wood waste sent to landfills by repurposing the wood to create unique, customizable picture frames.

Blocks of Wood
School Supply

Project Varsity

Project Varsity’s purpose is to ensure teachers have access to affordable and sustainable school supplies for their students.

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