Our Projects

Each of our 6 projects operate as a small company. The team consists of an executive manager, project manager(s), 3-5 associates, an operations team member, and a media team liason. Feel free to explore our project pages.  

Image by James Lee


CreAlgae is a technical project that aims to reduce plastic waste in the Champaign-Urbana community by creating a bio-degradable plastic replacement with harmful algae from local waterways.

Image by Eduardo Drapier


Hydrologic is a project aimed at reducing water consumption on campus and beyond through the design and implementation of a low-flow shower head concept.

Image by pina messina


Phoenix is a clothing brand that empowers high school students to express their creativity while learning business skills, sustainability curriculum, and design to create their own upcycled clothing brands.

Bike Parts

Circle Cycle

Circle Cycle aims to eliminate bike waste while empowering the youth in the CU community through a year round earn-a-bike program.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado


Monarch strives to empower the women in WIN Recovery by providing professional and career skills through the establishment of a paper journal business intended to reduce paper waste within the CU community.


Sage works to address senior loneliness by creating inter-generational cohesion through interviews and the written word.