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Framed is on a mission to reduce the amount of wood waste sent to landfills by repurposing it into customizable picture frames. Wood waste is the second-largest source of construction and demolition waste, totaling more than 36.4 million tons annually. Framed is currently partnered with the CU Woodshop, which creates many of the university's wooden furniture products seen on campus. By transforming their wood waste into everyday wood products, we can innovate creatively while being environmentally sustainable.

In previous semesters, Framed proved the efficacy of its business model through the successful production of two frame variants and the smooth execution of a winter ornaments campaign. This semester, Framed plans to keep this momentum by improving the online experience and optimizing the frame-building process. We also plan to continue on the success of seasonal product initiatives and forge long-term partnerships with local RSOs.

Blocks of Wood


Elysia Duarte

Dawson Hendrick

Executive Manager

Tom Hong

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