It's okay to be competitive...

we are too.


2017 National Semifinalists

(Top 8 Finish in the United States)


2016 National Semifinalists

(Top 12 Finish in the United States)


2015 National Quarterfinalists


2014 National Quarterfinalists


2013 Regional Champions


2012 Regional Champions

More than just competition

We compete with other Enactus teams at the National and International levels. At theses competitions teams have the opportunity to present the results of the projects they have been working on to students and business leaders from all over the world. Participating in competition gives students the chance to develop sills that will help them succeed in their future careers. 

More than just presentations


At competition, Enactus students also have major networking opportunities. Whether its meeting Enactus students from all over the world or attending the exclusive careers fairs that feature companies hiring out of Enactus, all our members benefit from competition.