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Are you interested in making a meaningful impact through entrepreneurship? 

Who are we?

Illinois Enactus is a social entrepreneurship organization at the University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign. We are change makers, creating sustainable enterprises to address social and environmental issues in our communities. Our organization is made up of students from various background and majors, but with one unifying passion to better the world around us through entrepreneurship.

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What do we do?

We build and develop businesses that serve a social/environmental need, and then delink these enterprises to community groups to take over. Our portfolio of 7 projects addresses a span of social and environmental issues, from gender gaps for girls in STEM fields to the language barriers for immigrants in C-U. To learn more about our projects, you can visit "Our Projects" page, read our annual report, or watch our competition video.

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How can you join us?

For students

We accept freshman, sophomores, and juniors studying any major. Recruitment occurs during the third week of the Fall and Spring semester. Visit this page to learn more about the process and access the application!


For recruiters

Enactus is looking to expand its partnerships with companies in order to expose our members to professional opportunities. To learn more please visit our "Sponsors" page!

Want to learn more?

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