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Sprout’s goal is to educate the youth about the countless career opportunities within the agriculture industry, as well as provide local businesses and farms with a larger job applicant pool. Sprout is working to achieve this goal by creating an agricultural education curriculum focused on AgriBusiness, covering a wide variety of topics including agriculture business skills, knowledge, and careers in that field. This semester, Sprout has the privilege of administering our curriculum through a pilot program with Cunningham Children’s Home. This means Sprout will be able to engage with members and youth in our local community, receive feedback from a live audience, and eventually expand our scope to have Sprout curriculum administered in other educational institutions.


Sprout is already making an impact with one community, Cunningham Children’s Home. Join our team and help us expand our reach so that we can provide agricultural literacy education to more youth across the Champaign-Urbana area and beyond!



Annabelle Lu


Executive Manager

Tom Hong

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