Phoenix is the intersection between sustainability and fashion. Who says we can’t save the earth and look good? We aim to reduce textile waste in the CU community through hosting thrifting events, taking customized orders of tote bags, and conducting upcycling workshops. In the past, Phoenix has been through multiple pivots from originally a project to teach high school students how to make clothes to now having 3 revenue streams that reduce textile waste in the CU community through upcycling.


So far, we have recycled 80+ lbs of clothing to further save 60,000+ gallons of water and saved 578+ kgs of carbon emission. This semester, we will continue our local partnerships with Haus of Karma and the Circular Fashion Expo. We plan to continue to expand the scope of our thrifting events and secure partnerships with online thrifting platforms. This project hopes to give back and donate our past profits to a charitable cause in the community this fall. We are also looking to ramp up our social media presence, connect with other UIUC fashion-related students, and build out our brand as a scalable program that could be replicated in cities such as Chicago! Join us at Phoenix to rise and thrive this semester!



Courtney Qi

Executive Manager

Madhumitha Shetty