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Phoenix is the intersection between sustainability and fashion. Who says we can’t save the earth and look good? We aim to reduce textile waste in the CU community through upholding strategic partnerships, hosting thrifting events, conducting upcycling workshops, and creating upcycled tote bags. So far, we have recycled 80+ pounds of clothing, which further saved 60,000+ gallons of water and 578+ kilograms of carbon emission.


This semester, we will continue our local partnerships with Haus of Karma, the Circular Fashion Expo, local businesses, and RSOs. We will also have a focus on developing Toted and executing a full Toted launch on several platforms in order to expand our impact and reach. Join us at Phoenix to rise and thrive this semester!



Anna Lasak

Kayla Constabileo

Executive Manager

Mckayla Hendrick

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