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Phoenix is the intersection between sustainability and fashion. Who says we can’t save the earth and look good? We aim to reduce textile waste in the CU community through upholding strategic partnerships, hosting thrifting events, conducting upcycling workshops, and creating upcycled tote bags. So far, we have recycled 80+ pounds of clothing, which further saved 60,000+ gallons of water and 578+ kilograms of carbon emissions.


Reducing textile waste in the Champaign-Urbana community was primarily done through the production of our tote bags which are made from repurposed textile material. Additionally, we host a thrifting event that brings together students and community members alike to sell and buy second-hand clothing that would otherwise be in landfills. This semester, Phoenix is looking towards delinking. A lot of the work this semester will be focused on strengthening existing relationships and ensuring a smooth transition when the project is delinked.



Joseph Mercado

Ananya Gupta

Executive Manager

Varsha Murali

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