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Through the service of creating recycled paper products, Monarch strives to empower and connect people in the Champaign-Urbana community. Monarch gives the community a unique opportunity to connect in a way that technology cannot reach. It gives us a tangible product, something we can revisit, something that has to be written (not copy & paste) – paper connects. This semester, Monarch seeks to hone in on community and campus partnerships through paper-making sessions and product creation, while also creating a space to discuss the paper-industry and other environmental impacts. With the focus on collaboration and the community,  Monarch gets the opportunity to be directly involved with the people they interact with. The collaborative paper-making sessions with campus RSO’s  will continue as we continue outreach to community organizations.


Additionally, Monarch will seek to develop/prototype a line of products that can be made during these collaborative paper-making sessions. In coordination, Monarch will be establishing a social media presence. By prototyping products, cementing and creating relations with community & campus organizations, and establishing a social media presence, Monarch hopes to be a service that connects and empowers those in the Champaign-Urbana community.

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Toby George

Executive Manager

Mckayla Hendrick

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