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Our People & Partnerships


Enactus is unique because it is made up of students from every major imaginable. We need all skill sets to do what we do! As part of Enactus, you will work with a diverse group of students from which you will learn more than you could ever imagine. The field of social entrepreneurship is filled with some of the brightest minds in the world. The partnerships we make through our projects connect us to activist, business, and political leaders across the world. We are all united by common causes and work to eliminate inequities across the globe. 

As part of Enactus, you will be part of a family. This family extends far beyond Illinois Enactus. You're joining the largest business network in the world. This network consists of only the most driven students and business leaders. Surrounding yourself with these people is the best way to grow as an individual. On campus, you will be working with and learning from outstanding students and companies. You will have a new group of friends and countless social events to attend. You will also develop a strong bond with your new member class (especially during the New Member Retreat)! The friendships developed in this organization are a large part of what makes the Enactus experience so rewarding. 


Our Projects


This organization would not exist without the projects. An Enactus project strives to improve the quality of life and standard of living for the people in need all over the world and in our local community. These projects are more than just community service - we are creating sustainable solutions and empowering individuals. The feeling of achievement you will experience after applying the knowledge you've gained in the classroom and equipping those in need with sustainable solutions you developed is almost impossible to describe. Yes, these projects also help you prepare for your future career, but they will make a much bigger impact than that. They will change the lives of others and shape your world view. By working on diverse teams and developing unique skills, you will gain experience from day one that you can talk about in interviews and for the rest of your life. In Enactus, every member is actively involved in a project, so you will be able to speak on and remember the specific impact you create in someone's life.

Our Professionalism


Every member of Enactus gains the professional skills needed to succeed after graduation. Your professional development begins through our mentorship program and our numerous  workshops and trainings. Our organization will provide you with all the resources you need to write a perfect resume, nail every interview, and navigate the job market. Enactus will hone your ability to receive the internships or full-time positions of your dreams. Enactus has over 200 corporate sponsors and a world-wide network. Career fairs are hosted exclusively for Enactus and several companies that do not actively recruit at UIUC reach out to Enactus alone to recruit interested students. As a member of Enactus, you will attend leadership conferences and interview for positions available only to Enactus members. With all these amazing resources, there are countless opportunities for you to benefit from our professionalism. 

Where will Enactus take you?

Some of our members have continued practicing social entrepreneurship through their own or already established startups. Other members have brought the social entrepreneurial mindset to the best companies in the world through their internships and full-time offers.