FALL 2017

Executive Board 


Nathan Gaertner

Year: Junior

                                 Katie Janson

Major: Finance, Accounting, Hoeft Technology & Management Program

About Nathan: Nathan began his time in Enactus on the project Grounds for Growth. After one semester as a project associate, he led the project for two more semesters as its project manager. He is now the current president of Enactus and is looking forward to helping its members make a difference in the world. In his free time, Nathan enjoys playing card games, playing and watching soccer, and traveling to new places. Nathan's picture was taken on a trip to Budapest, Hungary during his semester studying abroad in Belgium.


jasmine tew

Year: junior

                                 Dani Rudy

Major: urban and regional planning

About jasmine: Jasmine joined Enactus in Fall 2016. She was a project associate for Project Oasis and Media Team member before becoming VPC. She created marketing materials for the projects - including logos, videos, postcards, and etc. In her free time, she can be found curating the perfect menu or obsessively browsing Google Flights for good deals.



Kyle Gilmore

                                  Frank Hu

Year: Junior

Major: Accounting, Finance

About Kyle: KylE Began his Enactus career as a bright-EYED, bushy-tailed freshman, working on Grounds for Growth. In his second semester, He served as a Project associate helping source what would become H2Grow. He became the Project Manager for that project in the following semester. Kyle loved the experience and returned for a second semester of project management. He now sits on the Executive Board and helps it run as smoothly as possible. In his free time, he likes to watch baseball, listen to music, and enjoy the outdoors. This picture was taken in front of the Olympic Inukshuk on top of Whistler Mountain in Whistler, British Columbia, 

- Vice President of Membership -

callilla issangya

                                Leah Malsom

Year: senior

Major: Accounting

About callilla: callilla joined enactus in fall 2015 as a project associate for Girls go for it, a role that she held for 2 semesters. she then was a project associate for project rnew for 1 semester, before joining finance team for 1 semester as a general member and one semester as team lead. she's looking forward to Truly getting to know each and every member of the organization! she really is excited to take on the membership role because it will help her get to know the people that make Illinois Enactus so amazing. Interesting: she's really passionate about sustainability and practice a vegan lifestyle. she's been spending lots of time recently researching more sustainable ways to live and what brands/companies also align with this value! Interning and hoping to work full time at KPMG in the Chicago office. Free time = bullet journaling!

- Executive Managers -


                              Max Fisher

Year: Senior

Major: Finance, International Business, HOeft Technology & Management Program, Spanish Minor

About Erin: Erin started with Enactus in the Fall of 2014, where she joined Networks in Nicaragua as a Project Associate. She then took on the Project Manager position for Networks during its final semester and has managed several other projects, including Decreasing the Distance. She is now a member of the Executive Board. In her free time, Erin can be seen running the streets of Champaign, napping on the Quad, or plotting her next trip around the globe. The photo above was taken at the Cliffs of Moher by none other than Miss Aubrey Haskett.

jassiem renfro 

Year: Sophomore

Major: Information Systems and Accounting

About jassiem:  jassiem joined Enactus in Fall 2016 as a first semester freshman and was on En-ABLE-ing Entrepreneurs each of HIS three semesters. HE was a Project Associate, Senior Project Associate, and then Project Manager before HE BECAME an Executive Manager. HE now haS DoNoble, Grounds for Growth, and En-ABLE-ing Entrepreneurs in HIS portfolio. HE lookS forward to seeing each project cover a lot of ground and break barriers in the CU community and beyond! he likes to sit back and relax with HIS friends, but he also loves to listen to music and dance.

                                Elayna Kramer


Year: Senior

                               Maleek Akeju

Major: Finance, IS/IT

About Jason: Jason joined Enactus during the fall of 2015. He started his Enactus careers as a project associate on Networks for Nicaragua, an international project focused on establishing a chamber of commerce in Masatepe, Nicaragua. After another semester as a project associate for Stratton Bilingual Buddies, Jason then moved on to serve as project manager for Project Oasis. He now sits on the executive board as an Executive Manager overseeing three projects in the Enactus portfolio. In his free time, Jason loves to play tennis, workout, and travel. His photo was taken in front of the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade in Hong Kong.