Executive Board for 2016-2017


Hannah Jarman

Year: Senior

Major: Global Studies and Communication

About Hannah: Hannah began her Enactus career as a Project Associate for Networks in Nicaragua during its last semester. After sourcing Project Oasis with her capstone team that same semester, Hannah then became Project Manager for the project. She now sits on the Executive Board and looks forward to amazing semester! In her free time, Hannah loves eating and kickboxing. Her photo was taken in front of the United Nations Office in Vienna, Austria. 


                                Katie Janson

                                Dani Rudy

Vice President of Communications

Aubrey Haskett

Year: Junior

Major: Accounting, IS/IT, Hoeft Technology & Management Program

About Aubrey: During Aubrey's first two semesters in Enactus, she served as a Project Associate for Operation Forward. She then spent a semester abroad but remained involved with the project. She spent last semester on Media Team and now serves on the Executive Board. She plays percussion and piano, loves hiking the Pacific Northwest, and is involved with Teach For America. Her photo was taken in Hallerbos, Belgium, where the purple flowers you see only bloom for one week!


                                 Frank Hu

Vice President of Operations

Reid Dahlstrom

Year: Junior

Major: IS/IT

About Reid: During Reid's first semester in Illinois Enactus, he served as a project associate on Greeks Go Green, working to make the Greek community on campus more sustainable. After his new member semester, he went on to source two projects - American Indian Entrepreneurs and H2Grow. After managing these projects, he wanted to give back to the organization now sits on the executive board. In his free time, Reid enjoys golfing, running, biking, and skiing. His picture is from an Enactus trip to Tanzania, where he visited the Ngoitokitok Picnic Spot (-3.210511, 35.601165) in the Ngorongoro Crater.

                               Leah Malsom

Vice President of Membership

Hilda Carrasco

Year: Junior

Major: Accounting

About Hilda: As VPM, Hilda hopes to recruit members who are passionate about making an impact within their communities. During her first semester, she served as a Project Associate for Operation Forward where she was in charge of overseeing the website development. Afterwards, she became part of Media Team where she assisted in the marketing aspect of Illinois Enactus' projects and helped develop the presentations for the Enactus Regional and National Competition. She was also a member of the National's Speaking Team where Enactus placed 12th in the country. She then spent the semester abroad in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). She enjoys learning about people's passions and joys and reading poetry. In her picture, Hilda is hiking up Titop Mt. in Hanoi, Vietnam.


Executive Managers

                             Max Fisher

Thomas Jager

Year: Senior

Major: Finance

About Thomas: Tom spent his first two semesters of Enactus as a project associate, one being on Grounds for Growth. He then became Project Manager of Grounds for Growth during his junior year. Tom now serves on the Executive Board. He enjoys running and being outside, but can also spend hours watching Netflix. His picture was taken during Enactus' trip to Tanzania. Tom enjoyed exploring the landscape talking with local business owners about their work and experiences.

Maika Kumamoto

Year: Junior

Major: Environmental  Economics and Policy

About Maika: Maika joined Enactus 2 semesters ago as a Project Associate for a waste-reduction incubator project that became Stay Glassy. She then became Project Manager for the project, and is excited to be a part of the Executive Board this semester. Maika enjoys traveling, hiking, and cooking. She is pictured overlooking Granada, Spain.

                               Elayna Kramer

                              Maleek Akeju


Year: Senior

Major: Accounting, Finance

About Hanna: Hanna is entering her seventh semester in Illinois Enactus. She has previously worked on T.E.A. in Tanzania and Finance Team, but is currently serving as Executive Manager on the Executive Board. Outside of school, Hanna also enjoys playing volleyball and traveling. After graduation she will be working fulltime at EY in McLean, VA. Her picture was taken at the Louvre in Paris, France.