Spring 2017 Recruitment:

  1. Attend Information Night (not required)

  2. Apply (see below - due friday, 1/27 @ 12:00pm)

  3. Social NighT (Invite only)

  4. First-Round Interviews (Invite Only)

  5. Final-Round Interviews (Invite only)

  6. Invitation to Join

Info Night

Monday, January 23rd

7:00 pm (Registration opens at 6:30pm)

Illini Union, Illini Room A

Suggested Attire: Business Casual



All majors are welcome!

Come learn about our organization by hearing from our members. You'll have a chance to hear about how Enactus has changed so many lives, and how it can change yours too. You can also ask any questions you may have about us. Be sure to let us know at membership@illinoisenactus.com if you are unable to attend but still wish to apply. You are not required to attend Information Night in order to apply.

Enactus Application Due

Friday, January 27th

12:00 pm


You are not required to have been at Information Night in order to apply. The application will ask you for your basic information, a few essay questions, and your resume. Save your completed application as a PDF and email it, along with your resume, to membership@illinoisenactus.com.

How to download the application: After you've opened the link, go to “File”, download this as a Microsoft Word document, fill out the application, and send it to membership@illinoisenactus.com as a PDF. Do not request access to the Google Doc.

Web Link to Application: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AC4w4ejRMg1snBYDa4zqyM7DOIxGb-fTPYq51jsfrGc/edit?usp=sharing

First Round Interviews:
Behavioral Interview



Selected candidates will be invited to participate in four short behavioral interviews. This is your chance to distinguish yourself as a good fit for Enactus. Be sure to discuss your past experiences that provide us with insight as to whether you will be successful in Enactus.

Social Stage



Successful first round candidates will be invited for the social stage on the next day. This is the time for upcoming, potential Enactus members to shine in a more relaxed and familiar environment. Rather than itching in a suit or tie, you'll get to know a little more about our members on a personal level. We'll even provide snacks!

FINAL ROUND Interviews:
Case Interview



Invited candidates will be asked to work in groups of four to complete a mini case. We will present you with a project-based problem and ask you to devise a creative yet practical solution. Remember, this is your time to shine as a team player and show how you would perform on an Enactus team.

Invitation to Join


You'll be notified after the case interview if you are invited to join the Spring 2017 New Member Class. Our first meeting will be the following Wednesday. You'll be staffed on a project shortly after joining, so you'll begin getting experience right away. We'll also have plenty of social events such as our new member retreat for you to get to know everyone!

Questions? Email us at Membership@illinoisenactus.com or find us in the BIF atrium and all over campus on the first week of the semester.

We look forward to getting to know you. Good luck!