Standard CPR training in schools, pools, and more are taught with standard CPR manikins. However, standard manikins don’t look like everyone. These dummies are flat chested. Women are 27% less likely to receive life saving CPR in public than men because people do not know how to perform it on people with breasts. Apexx aims to close this CPR gender gap through creating vests with female anatomy that can be slipped on to current manikins. These vests will help CPR training become more inclusive and de-stigmatize the female body through facilitating open conversations in classrooms across central Illinois.


This semester, Apexx hopes to solidify a prototype of the vest and create partnerships within the community. Project Associates on Apexx will complete workstreams like reaching out to local schools, sewing prototypes, and organizing community events to de-stigmatize the female body and create awareness.



Nour Longi

Executive Manager

Riya Dhoopar