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Apex aims to close the gender gap in common CPR training. Women are 27% less likely to receive life-saving in public compared to men. Why? Because women have breasts. Bystanders have reported that they feel uncomfortable and hesitant to perform CPR on women in public because they don’t know if CPR changes with anatomical differences or are scared of being reported for sexual harassment. But when someone is in cardiac arrest, every minute of discomfort or hesitancy decreases a woman’s chance of survival by 7-10%. Apex aims to make everyone more comfortable performing CPR on women by changing the way people learn CPR

Apex will work to eliminate the gender gap in CPR through the creation and selling of a vest that more closely mimics female anatomy and can be applied to standard flat-chested CPR manikins currently on the market. Many of the CPR manikins that are used in both local and national training closely mirror the anatomical figure of a male body. Apex addresses the lack of CPR manikins with the female anatomy and the present gender disparities through the continued ideation and production of a neoprene vest with breasts created to closely and accurately mirror real breasts. With a spotlight on creating greater community awareness about the gender gap in CPR, Apex will work to educate the greater campus community through various resources and efforts.


In this period of transition, Apex will also look at slightly expanding its possible market by differentiating who are prospective buyers and who are possible avenues for the exploration of education. With a highlight and focus on new and innovative ways of outreach and greater utilization of media platforms and resources.


Apex will work with community partners such as local high school health teachers who give many students their first exposure to CPR, hospitals and CPR training facilities to gain a professional perspective, and local organizations on campus such as medically related fraternities & RSOs. Apex will also continually run testing sessions and send out surveys to receive input regarding the vest before final creation and possible outsourcing to a manufacturer.



Jasmine O'Connor

Executive Manager

Ella Bruks

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