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Apex aims to close the gender gap in common CPR training. Women are 27% less likely to receive life saving in public compared to men. Why? Because women have breasts. Bystanders have reported that they feel uncomfortable and hesitant to perform CPR on women in public because they don’t know if CPR changes with anatomical differences or are scared of being reported for sexual harassment. But when someone is in cardiac arrest, every minute of discomfort or hesitancy decreases a woman’s chance of survival by 7-10%. Apex aims to make everyone more comfortable performing CPR on women through changing the way people learn CPR.


When most people learn CPR they learn on a flat chested manikin. Apex is creating an affordable vest with female anatomy that can be slipped on to standard flat-chested CPR manikins that makes it easier for institutions to incorporate women into their basic CPR training. Beyond creating these vests, Apex wants to help destigmatize and desexualize the female body in society. Apex is looking for passionate project associates with strong communication skills.



Nour Longi

Executive Manager

Deepika Agrawal

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