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CreAlgae aims to innovate and create a petroleum-free algae-based bioplastic using harmful algal blooms from local waterways. CreAlgae has successfully developed a systematic method of producing market-ready bio resins and bioplastics that have passed tests for heat resistance and water absorption. The success of our inaugural sales event has demonstrated market interest in our products, leading us to expand our revenue streams through a range of online and brick-and-mortar distribution channels. To support these channels, we are revamping our company structure and introducing "design fellows" who will focus on the bioresin product line and create products that meet the needs and desires of the community through market research.


Our operations will be guided by a Technical Advisory Board and Business Advisory Board, and we are committed to maximizing revenue and interest in our project through a revised media strategy and updated branding. We are also dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact and will use life cycle assessment to track the sustainability of our operations. These efforts will enable us to become more established and expand our faculty and resources as we continue to build upon our solid foundation and achieve success in the coming semester.

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Sahir Hossainy

Sahan Yalavarthi

Executive Manager

Madhumitha Shetty

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