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CreAlgae aims to innovate and reduce the impact that harmful algal blooms have on the local aquatic ecosystem by producing algae-based resin products and petroleum-free algae-based bioplastics derived from materials from local waterways. CreAlgae has successfully developed a systematic method producing market-ready bio-resins through the efforts of its design fellows and their implementation of CAD software to make custom molds and designs, and has continued to develop its bioplastics to be presentable to the consumer both in its functionality and aesthetic qualities. In order to better support our project functions and stick to our fundamental principles, we have partnered with the Champaign County Forest Preserve District to locally source algae and will work with our project associates and fellows to develop a methodology to sterilize and process our resources.


Our operations will be catered to the needs and interests of the market and its consumers, both businesses and individuals, and we aim to connect to these customer segments and maximize revenue and interest through a revised media strategy and updated branding. We are also dedicated to involving the Champaign-Urbana community in our project functions and scope, and we aim to do this through various social initiatives, proliferating more knowledge and awareness of the problem of algal blooms and wasteful plastic consumption amongst our peers and neighbors. These efforts will enable us to become more established and expand our faculty and resources as we continue to build upon our solid foundation and achieve success in the coming semester.

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Sahir Hossainy

Sahan Yalavarthi

Executive Manager

Mckayla Hendrick

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