CreAlgae aims to innovate and create a petroleum-free algae-based bioplastic using harmful algal blooms from local waterways. CreAlgae has successfully completed many rounds of prototyping and has developed a systematic method of producing market-ready bioplastics that have passed tests related to heat resistance and water absorption.


Currently, we intend to begin sourcing our own algae from our local Urbana Park District. We are constantly revising and improving our company structure, recently adding a Product Manager role who will oversee much of the prototyping process. To ensure product market fit during the prototyping phase, CreAlgae is also focusing on conducting extensive market research to identify feasible applications of our material and possible customers.


This semester, we will continue building our advisor network to get technical feedback both on and off campus. We plan to effectively gauge interest within the local community as well as understand what to improve with our current products through guidance from our Technical Advisory Board. This fall, we will also continue progress on our website and social media content plans. These plans will allow CreAlgae to become more established and expand our faculty and corporate resources. Our project is ready to build on its solid foundation, and this will be an amazing semester for its continued growth!

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Monica Milanowski

Sahir Hossainy

Executive Manager

Madhumitha Shetty