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Hydrologic aims to reduce water consumption on campus and beyond through the design and implementation of eco-efficient water meters connected with a consumer-interactive. Our goal is to have the water meter Arduino connect to the app through Wifi and Bluetooth and to store the data in AWS. Currently, we have a simple wireframe for our app, and we have ordered almost all of the parts needed to build the water meter. At the onset of this semester after onboarding the new project fellows and associates, we intend to divide them up into three teams— App, Prototyping, and Networking— so that we can meet in smaller groups and work more efficiently on each aspect of the project.


We hope to have an initial prototype by the middle of the semester so that we can begin testing and improving the product based on feedback. Along with that, we are also focusing on maintaining our partnerships with University Housing and ACT Green, while also doing more outreach to organizations across campus who can eventually aid in testing. This spring, we will also continue media progress on our website and social media by including updated graphics and content. In terms of revenue, we aim to develop a framework for revenue tracking as well as create a sales system through the website. These goals will allow Hydrologic to work effectively throughout the semester to develop a working prototype and expand the base of the project.

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Vihaan Khare

Nandil Patel

Executive Manager

Deepika Agrawal

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