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Hydrologic aims to reduce water consumption on campus and beyond through the design and implementation of eco-efficient water meters connected with an interactive website. This infrastructure will help to make data-driven decisions to effectively mitigate excessive water consumption.


We are designing and implementing cost-effective water meters that would gather data on how much water is used in showers. For a building complex, such as a college dormitory, aggregate data across all showers would allow us to identify some general patterns in water usage, while additional analysis would make it possible to distinguish local trends between floors or buildings. 

This semester, we are going to finalize the prototype for our water meter and start testing it in a real setting. This will require reaching out to the University Housing and other organizations such as Green Street Realty to collaborate on piloting our water meter system. We also aim to have a working website ready to fully integrate the data we gather in a meaningful way.

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Raj Amalakanti

Alex Baratian

Executive Manager

Deepika Agrawal

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